SYSTEK (MANUFACTURING) CO., LTD is established on September 4, 1996 in Thailand servicing the Electronics Manufacturing Industry for their tooling needs in the Auto Insertion and Surface Mount applications.

 With extensive market research and products development, SYSTEK (MANUFACTURING) CO., LTD have gone into manufacturing and machine servicing in the Electronics Industry. With our wide coverage of Thailand market, we have managed to acquire several distribution rights for products from reputable manufacturers that not only meets the requirements of the Electronics Industry, but also in other industries like the Automotive, Transformer, Electrical Insulation, Molding and the Food Industry.

 Since 2008, our company imports photocopiers and printers to accomodate our client’s demands. We also offer printing services where our clients can lease our printers and photocopiers free of charge with free maintenance services under a condition that our clients must purchase inks only from Systek.

 Company’s Goal: We strive to deliver added values to our clients through our products quality, our services for the electronics industry, in our printing components and photocopiers products. We are committed to continuing success for both our company and our clients through Systek expertise, experiences and new innovations as well as establishing long-term relationship with our clients to build stronger business network.

“The power of technology into the global market.”


Our Products Range

  • Tooling for Auto Insertion And Surface Mount applications
  • Chemicals for Stencil cleaning 
  • Permalex Metal Squeegee Permalex 
  • PCB magazine Rack 
  • Handling equipment for PCB assembly
  • Composites material for PCB soldering pallets, SMT, Wave & Lead Free process
  • PCB soldering pallets, SMT, Wave & Lead Free process 
  • All kinds of engineering plastics 
  • All kinds of belt and ESD Belt 

Our Customers